Sunday, April 27, 2008

Growing and growing

My mother-in-law requested some more pix of Erica and seeing as she is now 3 months old, I probably should put more up. She gets bigger every day. So here she is.

Friday, April 25, 2008


As I was searching for some photos I have yet to still find I came across this one and thought I would share. = >

Great huh!!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

I got to stand...

As usual in my house on the Saturday morning of Conference weekend we threw open the windows and turned Conference on the t.v. and all the radios and cleaned. It is a spring tradition. That way our house is all clean and we can sit back and enjoy the Sunday sessions.
But this Saturday was extra special. I knew we would be sustaining a new prophet, but it happened differently than it usually does. They announced the new apostle for the quorum of the twelve and then they asked the different groups to stand and sustain the prophet and his councilors and other church leaders. It was amazing to see our church leaders stand and raise their hands in support of their callings and then to see all the Melchizedek priesthood holders, and then the aaronic priesthood holders, and then the relief society members and then the young women, and then the church as a whole stand to sustain our new Prophet and other church leaders.
And even though I was at home, still in my pajamas I stood as a member of the relief society and then as a member of the church and raised my hand. It was a very neat experience. I hope everyone saw it. And if you did, did you stand???

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

March Madness

This month has been so crazy, especially because I am still in that new baby, no sleep faze. You all know that faze, half alive, half asleep, life is all fuzzy. Anyway, this month was mine and Doug's birthdays. We had one cake for both of us. He got a set of craftsman tool drawers. He is very excited to organize all his tools in one spot! I got a few little gifts, one of which was a computer game the girls and I have been playing on line, with limited features. We love plant tycoon. It is a nice slow game, but very interesting. But my main gift was Doug taking the four older girls to Denver for 4 days. It was so nice just being Erica and myself. We slept where ever we were and ate when ever, and even managed to do a little cleaning. It was a very nice break!!!!!!
Then it was our anniversary at the end of the month. 10 Years!!! WOW!!! It seems even longer, in a very good way. I never imagined it would be this good and that I could be this happy and content. The only way it could be better would be with a little more sleep, but that will come with time. => Doug is such a great husband and father!!! He is so good to me and indulges me in my sewing habit. He is a wonderful husband and loves his little girls so much and they love him!!! I couldn't ask for a better man to be in my life!!!! Thank you Doug for everything. I love you very much!!!!
We also had spring break. The older girls got to do swim lessons at the Y. Amber had so much fun and did so good in the pool. Clara had lots of fun playing in the kiddie pool while they had their lessons. We also had lunch at the Y a couple of times. It was a busy week. Doug had a multi-stake basketball tournament to handle on Tues., Thurs., and Sat. Our anniversary was on Thurs. so we had lunch together. And then I got a baby-sitter for Thurs. nite so I could go and be with him at the ball games. It was nice to have time together. It gets harder and harder all the time with everything that is going on. I am so glad school is back in so we can get back to normal and slow down! I am glad April is here and looking forward to warm weather!! Everyone is growing out of all their clothes. We need summer so we can break out the shorts. Sara and Tessa are helping me sew up a storm of new clothes. Pictures will be coming soon. I am very excited of all the new material we got!!!