Sunday, May 10, 2009

Made my day!!

I just found this and thought I would share it. Happy Mother's Day!! And for all you moms I know you will get a good laugh. and really understand this! I sure did. Have a great day! You deserve it, I know I do. = >

I was so with this mom and could relate. And I laughed!! alot, while I was on the phone with my mom. So I shared and we both had a good laugh and related together. It was a moment. sniff, sniff.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Full Circle

The first pix is just Erica being very excited I had the camera. It is hard to get a pix of her that is not a close up. The rest are to show off the cute overalls. I made them when Sara and Tessa were 2. There is also a matching pair of short overalls of the same fabric. This was hand-down material from my m-i-l. Do you remember it, Janet and Laurie??? I am so excited they fit Erica. This really shows the size difference between my first babies and my last baby. These overalls are some of my fave. They are so cute and bright and cheery!!! Love them and my babies have all been so adorable in them. Clara wants a pair of overalls now. I guess I will have to get to work on that. = >

This pix is just one of what Erica likes to do when Clara is not around to kick her off the computer. She is clicking away with all she's got. I guess we have another budding computer junky. Just like her dad.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Day 5

Day 5....and this one was even easier. I made this one for Clara to go with a matching skort also. I did gather instead of pleat, and I think I like the pleats better. But I did add a button in back so it would be easier for her to put on and take off. The band is fitted and a little hard to get on and off. But it looks so cute and darling on her!!! Thank you Made by Rae. That is where I got the pattern from and the challenge. Check it out!