Saturday, May 29, 2010

Apron for Emer

A little while back I decided to participate in an apron swap here. I am very excited to do it. But I did wait until the last minute (as usual). I did want to let Emer (my swap partner) know that I did finish her's and it is on its way to her. I can't wait. I will also post all about my thought process (scary, huh). I am way excited on how it turned out!!!!

I hope you like it, Emer. I had one idea in mind, right up until I made it. Then after seeing what she made me and a few other things she made on her blog a whole new idea came to mind. And then it just snowballed! In fact I made myself one of the same pattern but different material. I will have to post pix of it when I take them. It is yellow with orange on top and I LOVE IT!!! The colors are so me. I have been wanting to use this yellow material for a while but I look horrible in yellow, but now I can wear it.