Friday, January 14, 2011

Thanks Grandpa!

Here's another picture of a dress I made from a shirt from grandpa for Erica. The blue part is from a t-shirt of Doug's. Neat huh!!! I love how it turned out! I know it is a little hard to see from the moving model but it looks great on her!! I got several complements about it from the other girls. => I have a couple more just about ready to go, they just need different buttons and we are set. I am having lots of fun re-making these shirts. Amber even has a skirt I made from another plaid shirt that looks way cute on her! I will to take a picture of her in it soon.

Here is a little better picture of Erica in it, with Clara. As soon as I pulled out the camera Clara came running for her picture to be taken. That girl is obsessed with having her picture taken!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Potty Training, again

The problem with having more kids is that eventually you have to potty train them. So finally, I bit the bullet and I am potty training Erica. I put everything on hold and that is what we are doing this week. It has been kind of relaxing knowing that I am not going anywhere and no one is expecting me to come in. As far as how she is doing... Well, I think she is doing better than Amber and Clara did at first. If I put her on the potty she will go. Yesterday was the first time she asked to go though. But she did and even went poop. YEAH!!!! So we press forward. Ever hopeful!
Other than that I we had a nice Christmas break. Erica was sick most of the time, which is why I didn't potty train then. I managed to get my sewing done on time. I will confess I did finish the last pair of p.j.'s Christmas Eve afternoon. But everything else was done. The Christmas dresses are gorgeous!!! I was very proud of them. I haven't taken a picture yet. So I will post one when I do. But I do have one of the jammies. Doug and I even got some. I haven't done that for us in several years.

I hope to share what I have been doing in between potty runs soon when I get some things figured out.