Friday, August 14, 2009

August sewing

First off this is what happens to your baby when the older girls are playing with makeup and she won't keep her eyes closed. The uni-brow and pretty colors around her mouth. My poor baby.

But I have been sewing up a storm since we got home this summer. Scroll down to next several posts to see what I have been making. This is just a few of them that I could round up to snap some pix of. I have been having fun, hiding away in my sewing room and using up all my stash, so I could go buy more, while the kids run wild through the neighborhood. I love our street.
I also now keep the laptop in my sewing room so I can read through all the sewing blogs when ever I want. I also found a couple of sites that have some really great free down load patterns and tutorials. Oh, that reminds me, I don't have a pix of the really cute skirt I made from one of those sites. I'll get one and get it on up here. So now you can scroll on down and see what I have been up to and I will try to be better with the postings. Happy viewing.

Shirred dress , aug. sewing

Sara and Tessa have grown out of all of their church dresses and skirts, except for their Christmas dresses, which are a little warm for right now, so I told them I would make them some new dresses. Being me I sewed everything else all week except for the much needed church dresses. SOOOOO, Saturday night found me in my sewing room making this cute little number. It started out to be pleated like the tops I made the girls earlier, but this material is very light weight and slicky (is that a word??) so I bagged that and shirred it. (I love doing that!!!) It took me a while to do it the first time, but now that I have (thanks to several tutorials on line) ( I love having a computer in my sewing room, who knew) I love doing it!!! This dress took 1 hour from start to finish. easy-peasy! And it is nice and light weight for the summer heat and is so cute on the girls! And they love it!!! It's kind of hard to see the gather with is print. I'll have to go back sometime and take a pix of it on one of the girls. Very flattering!!!

Tessa's dress

This is Tessa modeling her new top from one of my f-i-l's dress shirts. This one has the sleeves cut off and cut across the top just above the pocket. I then shirred it (I am loving this process). I even left the hem line in tact. ( so much less work!!) We just happened to have this belt that goes perfectly with it!!! The nice thing about this is that she can wear a shirt underneath when it gets cold. This pix she has brown capris on but we decided they just weren't the right color and she put on a pair of jeans and they were perfect. Which is great because Tessa loves wearing jeans. This went together way fast and was so easy!

monkey undies, aug. sewing

It's a little hard to tell but those are monkey's all over those panties. Sara loves them. I got a pattern on-line from "You can make this" (link on my side bar) for children's undies by "That darn Cat", a little while ago. I made a couple of pairs for Sara and Tessa to test them out and they were such a hit I decided to make a weeks worth for each of the girls, then they would know whose undies are whose. Sara's are almost done, I just need to finish the ribbing. They are all knit and seem to be so comfy. And the nice thing is that they cover their butt!. These are a nice yellow and brown. Sara can't wait to wear her monkeys!!

Amber's undies, aug. sewing

These are some more undies. I really like this pattern. I bought it online at "You can make this". The link is on my side bar. I highly recommend it!! The patterns are great and all of them that I have got have lots of pix for each step. They are very easy to follow and understand. The girls really like this underwear, too. It is very comfy and fits nicely. I wish I could make myself some! I picked these colors out for Amber. She loves all things colorful!

Purse bag, August sewing

This is a bag I made using a pattern book I bought. It has several patterns in it and I have made 4 of them so far. I really like the book. But I really LOVE this material. I fell in love with it right away and have lots of it to make several other projects with it. This one is for Tessa for her church bag. The first one I made her like 4 years ago is falling apart at the seems.

Pretty cute huh!!! I really like the handles too.