Tuesday, June 26, 2012


So this summer I had a brilliant idea, or thought I did.  Understanding that most children are messy, I have one child that seems to be extra, extra messy.  She has no concept of things belonging other than where ever she drops them and is always surprised when they are not under her nose when she looks for them.  So for this summer I moved her out of her room and put her in a small nook.  We moved all the toys out and it is just big enough for her mattress and a small area to stand in when she dresses, nothing else.  There is a light and I hung a curtain for privacy.   My hopes is that, by only allowing her to have one book to read, a blanket, a pillow, and one stuffed animal at a time it would help her to understand where things belong and to put them away.  She loves her small space and having "her own room".   But I am not sure it is helping with the messiness.   
Except her sister's room that she moved out of seems to be a lot cleaner, longer.  But her space is still messy, just on a smaller scale.  Sooo, maybe it is working.  She does have to clean it everyday or every other day.  And it doesn't seem to take her as long or be as big of a battle to get her to clean it.   I guess we will just have to wait and see.   

Lots of sewing going on here this summer.  I will post pix next.  We are also moving my sewing room into a slightly bigger room.  That is a HUGE undertaking!!  But we are almost done and I am very excited!!!  Can't wait to show of pix of that!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Joy-Nicole Bag

 A while back I found this free pattern for a bag at Fishsticksdisigns.  It is the Joy-Nicole bag.  I thought it was supper cute so I downloaded it and have since made lots of them!  This is my most recent.  It is a great one for birthday presents, especially for my older daughters' friends.  They need something to carry all their "stuff" in, but are getting more mature so a more mature bag is called for and this is perfect!
It makes up pretty quick and the instructions are very easy to follow.  I use some Ikea fabric I picked
 up a year or so ago.  This is great fabric!  Perfect for play clothes and bags because it is a little heavier but not stiff.  So it wears great.  I love the bright colors and fun animals.
I used the animal print for the front flap and back.  And used the stripes for the front because it would be covered up by the flap.    I used it for the handle and the inside also.  

The inside picture is a bit blurry.  I had Tessa snap a few shots of it before it got wrapped and gifted.  She was very jealous and wanted it for herself, but then, she wants everything I make for herself.  'Sigh' fans. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Baby got new shoes!!!

When I say "baby" I mean me, by the way.  I am so excited about these shoes!!!!!  I found this site on-line.  They carry larger sizes and wide shoes.  (did I mention I have big feet)  So I found a pair of shoes I liked the look of that weren't too much and ordered them.  And they came today!!!  It was a lot quicker than I thought it would be! And they are wonderful!!!  They fit great and are so comfy and I LOVE the color!  RED!!!!  So I snapped a few pics so I could share them with everyone.  Behold the beauty!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Back in the saddle

So where have I been?  Not very far away.  In the middle of Nov. I totally racked my knee playing volleyball.  I couldn't drive for 6 weeks, then I had 4 weeks of very painful physical therapy.  I know it is less evasive and all, but at least when you have surgery they give you drugs and are kind and careful of you.  Not so with P.T.  They set out to make you HURT! and do it again and again.  I have never breathed so hard in my whole life!!  So my sewing for a few months was bare bones.  I got Christmas dresses done only because I had planned ahead and had them mostly done before I got hurt.  Then it took me the next 4 weeks to make the jammies.  But I got it done(Did I mention my husband had to go to Italy two weeks before Christmas at this time.?  I couldn't drive and I was suppose to go with him, but I didn't because my knee was non-functional.)  
But I jumped right back into things as soon as I could and now I am in the thick of sewing for the upcoming summer.  I am really very excited for it all!  (really, I just want school to be over with so I can sleep in)

So here are the Christmas dresses.  They wanted to be all matchy-matchy.  So they picked out a pattern and I went to three different Joann's to get enough material.  I love crushed penne.  I did give them different ties.  And I had enough to make me one too.  I did use a different pattern for mine and I love the style.  I think I will make me another with something brighter for summer.

My plan is to be more diligent with putting up pictures and putting in a few pattern reviews, because I love ready others pattern reviews.  I have found several new patterns I want to try from others blogs.  But here are the girls in their Christmas dresses and I will go from there.

As you can see we had no snow.  The girls were really worried they wouldn't get to go skiing this season.  But we got lots later and they went up several times.  Even Erica got to go a couple of times and she loves going FAST!!   But she didn't love standing for any of these photos.  She just wanted to run around outside.
Stay tuned for more.