Friday, November 27, 2009

Fabric Friday

I saw this over at Rosebud Quilting and knew I had to join in, but I had to wait a whole week and then I almost missed it. But here is my fabric. There is a spot in the corner of my room where finished projects sit until it is time (birthdays, Christmas, etc...) to reveal them. The corner is getting very full right now.
This one is for someone in the middle, who loves color. I love all the color, too.

This is for someone very little who, I think, will get the most use out of these. And I absolutly love how it turned out!!!! I can hardly wait for the big day and have to stop myself lots of times a day from giving it out early.

I really can't say what the others are in case of prying eyes, but this one I can. It is a pile of very soft and warm fleece that is almost made into two snugly skirts for church. My girls' (and mine) legs get cold walking to church this time of year so I love fleece skirts. (oh, and they do too)

Enjoy your Friday!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sew Happy..

A few weeks ago we went down to St. George for a wedding. I was looking forward to doing a bit of shopping. Well, the only shopping I got to do was a quick trip through the D.I. (a thrift store). I spent the rest of the trip in the bathroom. Sara, Tessa, and I took turns being sick. It was not a pretty sight!! But at least I didn't have to clean up the mess. =>
But I did pick up this beauty at the DI. So I guess it wasn't a complete loss. Yeah!!! Doug squeezed it in with all our stuff and even more stuff from his parents. I am so glad we have a big ol' burb!!! He even set to refinishing it for me. Isn't is beautiful!!! I love it. And the machine that was in it works great too. It is an old Singer 600, with a knee control instead of a foot control. Kind of cool. I did clean up my sewing room to make room for it and it fits perfectly! I love all the drawers. I have a good hubby, don't I!!!!

Happy, happy, joy, joy!!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Faries are everywhere...

This year at Halloween my house was invaded by faries. Five of them to be exact. My girls were the faries from the movie Tinkerbell. Funny how that worked out. So they spent the night before running around at a school dance and then all day Sat. in their cute little farie costumes. Yes, I made them, but not the wings. Sara did add all the orange to her wings. They were just white. But I was very pleased with how they all turned out. Erica's costume had a cute little tutu to go with it, but she wouldn't have anything to do with that. Oh, well, at least she loved the wings. She loved running around in them. It was so cute!!! It was actually warm-ish, for us, here. We had a church party in the afternoon, then went trick or treating, then out to dinner with some friends. It was lots of fun!. Sorry the pix are so blurry, my camera isn't talking to me anymore.

Amber, Tessa, Clara, Sara, and Erica

Erica is now running around too fast for everyone else.