Thursday, December 20, 2007

Merry Christmas to me

I just had to show off my new Christmas table setting I got for myself for Christmas.=> Isn't it so lovely!!!! I got two boxes so I would have a setting for 8, but now I wish I had gotten 3 so I would have enough for 12. Oh, well. I had bought a different set a few years ago, (of just 4) telling my husband exactly where he could go to get my another one so I would have 8, but did he listen ??? NO! and then it was gone and I have this fun snowman set of 4 dishes. Really, what can I do with just 4 dishes????? So this time I just got what I wanted, just to make sure. I am especially excited because they match then table cloth and napkins I bought a year ago. It is hand embroidered from Singapore. I brought them home and washed down the table and the girls helped me set up the table all pretty so I could take a picture. => Then I put my table cloth away. We have eaten on the dishes, thought they do not sit out on the table. I am not that stupid!!! I hope you all have such an exciting Christmas!!! I know mine is made!!!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

'Tis the Season

So Christmas is offically on at my house. We finished handing all the lights outside yesterday. Amber and Clara helped me while the weather was nice. And what help they were. Then I also finished all the Christmas dresses and one Christmas tie. => Sew very VERY happy about that. And we got everyone all dressed up after dinner and took a picture and I ordered cards and they should be out very soon. All in all it was a very productive day and the kids are all in the holiday spirit. Now if only we had a tree.

Sunday, December 2, 2007


On Friday I took my last quilting class. It was so much fun!!!! Thank you Malauna & Tricia for watching my girls. I learned so much!!!!!! Quilting is such a different format of sewing then making clothes. It was so fun to sit there for 3 (yes 3!!!) hours and just learn and sew. I do believe I will be taking another sewing class in the future. (Probably far future because of the baby)
But on to the stuff I learned. I can now make a perfect mittered corner on a quilt. That has always been such a difficult thing for me. I also learned how to bind a quilt. I have always HATED binding a quilt and now that I took this class it all makes sense and it really isn't all that hard. In fact we practiced all this stuff on a practice square and the binding looks sew nice!!!! We also learned how to quilt on our sewing machines. We use this really cool foot called a "walking foot". It makes your quilting come out so smooth and non-bumpy. We also got to do free motion quilting, called "stippling". That was fun. It has always scared me to do that, but it is really fun and cool looking.
So now I learned all this really cool and neat stuff I am very eager to do it. Now I can finish a quilt I am making for Amber for Christmas. It is a crazy quilt with red, yellow, and blue colors. The top has been done for a couple of weeks, I was just waiting for this class so I could bind it. Now I can!!!!! I also want to make a quilt for Sara and Tessa. We will see if I get it done before Christmas or not. I can also finish my wall quilt we made to learn on for this class. It is in browns and blues. I did it to hang in the stair well. We made it in the Ohio Star. It is looking very nice!!!! I am SEW excited for all this stuff I learned!!!!!!!! I will post pictures soon of all the quilts.