Friday, December 19, 2008


Christmas came early at my house due to our going away for a couple of weeks and I was not going to carry all our gifts down and back. So we had our family unwrapping two weeks early. Boy, was it fun!!! We opened everything in the evening after dinner, (no early mornings) and played until dinner. It was so nice and now we can sit back and really enjoy the next several weeks and not have all that hanging over us. We may just do this every year. (the early unwrapping, not going away for two weeks) I'll let you know how our trip was. Oh, I also got done the most beautiful Christmas dresses for all the girls and tie to match for Doug. I was so proud walking into church last Sunday with my family all beautiful. I will put up pix as soon as I get them taken. (We came home and changed too fast and I forgot to take them then....

P.S. This is "Doug Jr." She admitted it to get her gift.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Old pix and holidays

Here are the Halloween pix I said I would put up, just a little late, but oh well. I was a princess (as was Clara, of course) and Erica was a cute little pea (get it???) We dressed up on two nights. the first one Amber was a duck, (I was quite pleased with myself with how her feet and beak turned out!) then the next night she was a devil. And of course, Doug was Joe the plumber. = > We also went out with friends for dinner on Halloween night. (It is becoming a tradition, I like it!)

Notice the cute little cookie monster that doesn't want his pix taken.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter FUN!

Here is the view from my upstairs window last week when we woke up to snow. Amber and Clara got to go out in brand new snow and make their tracks!!! Here is Clara wondering the back yard.

Here is Amber and Clara making a fine snowman in the side yard, all by themselves!!
They were very intent and hard at work. I took the pix through another window. It was too cold to go outside!!

Here is the finished product. Great job!!! Unfortunately it didn't last too long and became several lumps in the yard when it got warmer. But now that we have lots of snow they are lumps covered in snow.

But boy did they have fun while it lasted!!!!