Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So summer is in full swing here. We are doing a lot of nothing and enjoying it. We also spend lots of time in the park for lunch. A staple outing here. I have also been able to do quite a bit of sewing. Which is good because we have 3 birthdays in July. It is busy with parties and such. Here is just a couple of pix of some outfits I have made for the girls. At the beginning of summer I got 2 patterns in everyones' sizes and said they could pick the material, I was just only making these outfits. And they have turned out so cute!! The first outfit really was a top for myself but it was just barely too small, so I just tightened up the elastic and it fit Sara perfectly. It is one of her favs. It does look just like the pattern I had for them anyway.

Ignore the funny look on her face, but I just love the material and colors on this outfit! It just screams summer!!

And this skirt is one I made for her Birthday. She is just so girlie!! And when I saw this on someone's blog I knew I had to make it for her. It is just strips of knit cut into slits and then sewn onto another piece of knit. She loves to swirl around in it.

I will post more on our summer soon. I just remembered I need to go pick up one of the kids.