Monday, June 29, 2009

Thank you Grandpa!!!!

Cute, huh! While I was laid up I came across a very cute idea, here. I sat there thinking "I could do that and it would be sooooo cute!!!" But unfortunately, it required a man's dress shirt and most of Doug's were still fairly new. I happened to mention this to my mother-in-law and she came through for me. My father-in-law has tons of shirts and so kindly sent me LOTS!!! This is one of the shirts. I wish I had taken a before pix, but I did take an after and it turned out great!!! So thank you so much Grandpa. My favorite part is the pink lace that I just happened to have on hand and looks great with it. (the lace came from a visit from Doug's grandma in Denver, if I remember correctly.) (Does that make this a family heirloom?)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My trip...

A few days before mother's day I went on a trip......down the stairs. And I twisted everything possible in my foot. I did go into the emergency room and had it x-rayed because I thought I had broke it, but I didn't. So they told me to take ibuprofen for the pain, and keep off it and keep my foot up. Yeah, right. So because I fell on it two more times, I spent the next 5 weeks on crutches and basically unable to do anything. Doug had to go grocery shopping and the girls had to do everything else. I just sat on my bed surfing the internet and trying not to fall again. But all that doing nothing paid off and I am finally back on my feet, sort of. I have a brace, (just in case) and I limp around very slowly. (that means my baby can get away from me) I did get some great ideas when I was on line and even made a few things. (although I didn't set foot in my sewing room for over a week in the beginning, that's how bad it was!) I am amazed and how much you can't do with only 1 foot. It was very frustrating, but thank you to my friends who came and kept my company and helped my out with stuff. It made my day!!!!
Here are a couple of pix of my foot, this was about 3 weeks into my injury. The bruises were pretty faded by then and it wasn't quite as swollen. But you get the general idea of what my foot looked like. It was bruised all over and was so ugly. I'll post pix of my projects soon, now that I am able to get upstairs to the computer.