Friday, January 8, 2010

After Christmas Shots

I hope you all had a great holiday break. We sure did! Lots of late nights and sleeping in. It sure makes going back to school hard! I could probably end the school year right now and be okay. Or maybe not. It depends on the day. Anywho....... I thought I would put up a pix of the girls in their Christmas dresses since I didn't do cards this year. I just love Amber's expression. This was the best one. I also put in a separate shot of Clara so you could really see her dress. Notice Erica peeking around her in the back. She is such a cheesier!!!


This is a pix of all our Christmas stockings. I have always wanted matching ones and this year I got it done. Or I should say my two oldest and two of their friends got them done. They came over and I set up 4 of my machines and put them to work. The girls had so much fun and I think the stockings turned out super cute!!! Now I just need to finish the names on the cuff and put it on and they will be perfect. But not a bad start for just two days before Christmas, huh.

Don't you just love Fabric Fridays. Check out the other posts at Rosebud Quilting and have a great weekend.