Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Just Finish it!!

I read on another sewing blog that they spent a week just finishing unfinished projects. And I thought "what a great idea". So that was my plan this week, because I really don't have much going on and no real dead lines coming up. Easy-peasy, right, WRONG. It is only Wednesday, and I haven't even really started finishing anything yet. Sad, huh, I know. So here is the problem. First off every time I try to get serious about finishing something, something else catches my eye and I HAVE to make it first. First thing Monday as I was sorting out several w.i.p.s to finish I suddenly had an urge to make this skirt. So I did, almost. I have the skirt all made and the ruffles cut and the first layer ruffled and pinned, and now it is sitting on my cutting table waiting for its turn to come back around. I am using red, orange, and gold for the three colors. It is going to be so cute when it gets done...... Then on Tues. I was reminded that my sister is getting married in two weeks and I said I would make bow ties (I am using this pattern) for the 4 boys. (hers and her soon-to-be) So then I had to go out and buy black fabric to make them and then wash the material. So that got done and they are now partly cut out and sitting on the ironing board. But then that afternoon I was able to focus and I worked on a skirt I am making for myself. It is almost done (I know, story of my life) and just needs a waist band. But it so gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! I stopped there last night.

Today was a little better, my skirt keeps calling my name, but I know there is a wedding coming up so I think I probably should get those ties done, or instead I will work on another w.i.p. This time I am doing the binding on a baby quilt the Activity Day girls in my church made for the other leader who just had a baby. (Did I mention I now get to work with the 10 and 11 year old girls in my ward, and they sewed this blanket together with only a little help from me.) I learned working with a bunch of 10 and 11 yr. olds can be very crazy. There were 9 of them and they were very gung-ho and did not want to wait for any kind of instruction. I recommend if you are brave enough to do this kind of think to NOT do it by yourself!! But they got it sewn together and the tied the quilt and I finished to binding today. Very cute. But as I was sewing it I ran out of thread about 18" from the end. URG!!!!!!!!!! So I called a friend and got some from her so I didn't have to go out to Joann's again. But it is done!!!

So far the week is half over and I have complete 1 old project, started 2 new ones, and worked on 1 old project. I'm not sure if I am encouraged or not. I guess I can only keep plugging along.