Sunday, October 21, 2007

The mighty hunter

So Doug went out with some friends to do what all good Idahoans do this time of year, HUNT. He was trying to be such a good provider and such. But he has the worst luck with that. Of the 5 or so times he has gone 3 times he has ended up hiking back into town vehicleless. It has become quite a joke with us, (okay, just me, but it is funny!) This time was no different. After going out on errands with the girls I get a call from him wondering when we will be home so he can take the suburban back out to retrieve his broken down truck. This time it was the alternater that stopped, so he hitch-hiked back down the canyon into town, leaving his friend and two boys up in the hills to hunt or freeze, (which ever came first). So he got the parts he needed and we deposited the girls at a friend's house and made the drive up the winding and narrow road the retrieve his truck and friends. It was actually quite a nice drive up and we even found a few hot springs. Then he tinkered around and fixed the broken part, (he is quite good at that, luckily) and we headed back into town.
And that is what my mighty hunter did yesterday.

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