Monday, February 4, 2008

one week

It is so amazing how much can change in one week. For example, one week ago I:
-was getting very little sleep
-had horrible heartburn
-was starving all the time
-was 20 lbs heavier
-had only 4 girls
-could hardly wait one more day!!!!!
-waddled everywhere I went
-my hips and back were killing me

And now, just a few short days later I:
-am still getting very little sleep
-have no heartburn
-still starving
-am 20 lbs lighter
-have 5 girls
-what's a day????
-shuffle step everywhere I go (which is bed, the bathroom, and the couch)
-my boobs are killing me

Okay, so somethings change and others stay the same. But what a change!!!! Erica is such a good baby. She nurses with a passion and knew from the first what to do! She is a good sleeper and is totally unaffected by her sisters noise. (thank goodness, because there is a lot of that) She loves to be held. (once again, a lot of that) And is so sweet and cute!!!! It helps make the rest worth it. = >

I am doing well, and recovering quite quickly. I am always amazed at how fast I recover from these things. I was kind of looking forward to being able to milk this for a while, but when everyone keeps telling me how good I look and I honestly can't say I feel awful, it makes it hard. Darn it. Well, I am off to check my baby. I will post some new pictures when I make it back up here.


Stephanie said...

I'm so glad some things are better than last week. Hope it continues to get better. it's always great to have an easy-going baby! And you don't have to use the sleepy-tube anymore! Yay!!

Michelle said...

I'm glad to hear you are doing well. Congrats! You are a brave trooper.

Nisa said...

Congratulation Stacy. Have to say that your blog is making me want to skip the next seven months of my life, but I'm so excited for you all!