Friday, March 7, 2008


I have been feeling a little low on my spiritual tank, with having a new baby and little sleep, I haven't made it to church. But I was able to go to Enrichment meeting Tues. night. It was our Relief Society Birthday dinner and the theme was on Joseph Smith. We had a progressive dinner. At each house we also heard from different people dressed up as someone who knew Joseph Smith and they told about experiences this person had with Joseph and then they bore their testimony. At the last house, with desert we heard from someone who was Joseph. He was so eloquent and so incredibly told Joseph's story and thoughts and experiences and then bore his own testimony. It was VERY enriching!!!! It is always amazing to me to hear Joseph's story and the things he went through. I know he had to have divine guidance to accomplish what he did. The activity was exactly what I needed and I was fed spiritually, as well as physically. Thank you everyone who was envolved. It was wonderful!!!!

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Malauna said...

Yes that was a good meeting. I enjoyed it a lot. Especailly the part about not being in charge.