Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Stitch...

This is two of my latest projects. I have been doing a lot of the gathered peasant style skirts and dresses lately. The girls all seem to really like them. I don't blame them, they are very comfy and light for summer. I made Clara's dress and Amber's skirt. I really stretched myself mixing the fabrics on Clara's dress. They look great together, but I just don't usually mix to patterns that are so different. ( the light green has little pink hearts on it.) But I really am pleased with the results and she loves that dress, and in the end I guess that is what really counts. = >
More to come. I have been sew busy and am also still working on that very cool thing!! Are you still waiting???!!!!

1 comment:

Mendy said...

I love Clara's dress! So cute and basic.