Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Summer time - week 2 & 3

After we came back from our southeast Idaho trip we jumped right into the thick of summer. Oh, the heat! But so nice to see the sun!!! We spent one week chasing around with Malauna and all her extra kids. All under the theory that it is easier to go out with extra hands (and even more kids). We did lunch in the park every day!! Thank you Idaho food bank!!! And then we went every where with 2 adults, 2 nine year olds, 2 eight year olds, 1 seven year old, 1 five year old, 2 four year olds, 1 three year old, 1 two year old, 1 19 month old, and an infant. Whew! But what fun we had!! (and what looks and stares!!)

We went to the zoo with all our group, plus we invited a few other friends. Bringing the group total to 4 adults and 18 kids. (a little better odds, right???)

Another day we went to the nature center and looked at all the fish and plants. It so perfect to go this time of year. Everything is in bloom and lots of baby fish.

We managed to squeeze in a little yard saleing also and found the deal of the century!!! I got a tag-a-long bike for Amber in near new condition for $10 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) !! Can you believe it!!! I was so excited to find it I just about wet my pants!!!!!!!

We even took them out to Meridian Dairy Days and let the kids all go on a few rides and had a picnic lunch there. What fun!! You got to love Clara's sunglasses and Hyrum's "I am not having fun" look. What an adventure it was and what fun it was to play all together.

We spent the next week just hanging out and I got in quite a few sewing projects because I have major birthdays coming up!!! Yikes.


Nisa said...

Okay, now you are just making me homesick you stinker!

Malauna said...

And thank you for helping out with all my extra kids.