Sunday, August 10, 2008


I recently had a friend take some pictures of Clara and Erica for me, and the others came along with us and had pictures taken too. You will have to go to her web site to see them. Go to :

and we are under Smith Girls. They turned out soooo cute!! Now I have to have some done of Sara and Tessa when their hair is done. => My favorites are of Erica, she is so cute and such a cheezier!!!! Imagine that. She is now 6 months old and getting so tall. She can roll over but chooses not to becuase she hates being on her tummy and when she does roll over she just screams and screams. Which is okay with me because that only leads to crawling and walking and general mobility. Ugh!! And who wants that.
The picture on the side of my blog of all the girls together was also taken by her. If you click on it, it will take to her web site also.

we are now in the process of getting ready for a last trip this summer to Phoenix, of all places. I can only think of a few places that would be hot this time of year and I am not allowed to mention such places. I am looking forward to seeing all the fam. but not the heat, and the long drive.

We got a new camera now so I can take pictures of the girls latest sewing projects and what I have been up to now to show everyone.

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Laura Smith said...

I loooove the pictures Stacy!!! Your photographer did a great job. Your girls are so cute! See you in a few days...