Friday, September 4, 2009

Why I sew, or how to boost your self-esteem

If you sew all that you need is one little girl who gets sooooo excited when ever you make her something new. This keeps you motivated to buy more fabric so you can sew more for her to keep her saying "you're the best mommy in the whole world!!!" (does that count as bribing???) Hearing that makes it all worth it!!! That being said, I have 5 little girls who all say the same thing when I make them something new, (well, okay, just 4, but I know somewhere in all that babble the youngest is saying "you're the bestest mommy in the WHOLE world!!") That is what keeps me sewing or at least how I justify all my fabric stash. I have got to make a lot of fun new stuff for school and now that Halloween is coming up I have a whole new reason for getting more material. (I can stop at any time.) The girls are all going to be fairies this year and so I got to get lots of pretty, shiny, bright colors and I can't wait to get them made. Then I can hear them all shriek and say what a great mommy I am. (my self-esteem is just fine, thank you)
I must though that I am loving this whole re-fashionist faze that is going around. Everywhere I turn in the blogging world I see another idea of how to remake something into something better. I love it!! I have made several more little girls tops out of the men's dress shirts and even hacked apart a couple of onesies to make them into little tops for my too tall baby. It is lots of fun to take something un-useful to us and make it into something spectacular. That, and I love telling my hubby how I made something cute and didn't have to buy any new fabric. (that makes him shriek and say, "you're the bestest mommy ever!!")
And isn't that what domestic bliss is all about?!!!


Susie said...

Hilarious. Now I understand - I've had it wrong all the time. I thought that if I took my kids fun places and spent time with them they would love me - but now I see the light... :)
Hmm, I guess I could do both.

Janet said...

And now we know why you sew! And why you can always buy fabric! Post more pictures of the FIL shirts!