Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sew Happy..

A few weeks ago we went down to St. George for a wedding. I was looking forward to doing a bit of shopping. Well, the only shopping I got to do was a quick trip through the D.I. (a thrift store). I spent the rest of the trip in the bathroom. Sara, Tessa, and I took turns being sick. It was not a pretty sight!! But at least I didn't have to clean up the mess. =>
But I did pick up this beauty at the DI. So I guess it wasn't a complete loss. Yeah!!! Doug squeezed it in with all our stuff and even more stuff from his parents. I am so glad we have a big ol' burb!!! He even set to refinishing it for me. Isn't is beautiful!!! I love it. And the machine that was in it works great too. It is an old Singer 600, with a knee control instead of a foot control. Kind of cool. I did clean up my sewing room to make room for it and it fits perfectly! I love all the drawers. I have a good hubby, don't I!!!!

Happy, happy, joy, joy!!!!


Malauna said...

Sew nice!

Mandy said...

Sweet!! You do have a great husband! All for a good cause right?? :) Enjoy you deserve it!! I am glad I can catch up with you on here!! Good to see you are full of joy!!

danandcami said...

WOW I am impressed you could get that home! Enjoy!

Teresa said...

that is beautiful! I don't do much sewing and I am jealous of this gem!