Saturday, July 30, 2011

Life in a nut shell...

So lots has happened since I last posted.  It all kind of snowballed toward the end of school, and tho I have done lots of sewing, most of it was for other people who needed it done right then.  It seemed to come all at once, too.  So life just got away from me, as usual.  But here are a few pics of what was going on and then later I hope to show what I have been sewing.  Lots of fun stuff.

First we survived another year of t-ball and softball.  Just Clara and Amber played.  The other two were very involved with lots of other stuff and I am glad we didn't have to add their games to the list as well.  But it was a fun year with these two.  (I can't find a shot of Amber at the moment)

We got to go camping again this year with some friends at a favorite spot.  We really like Givens hot springs.  The weather has always seemed to cooperate with us and be nice, with rain coming down the day before and weeks after our spring campout.  We got the see a llama/alpaca there this time. (it's a mix alllama? llapaca?)  It was very friendly and the girls had fun petting it.

We went with our favorite camping friends.  They also have just girls, only 4, but we all have fun together.

We stopped and saw Shoshone falls again this spring. (different trip)  We even went up and saw the upper falls.  It was just as neat.  It is much higher than this picture looks and the water was gushing hard.

Lots of water this spring so the falls was very busy.  It was really sunny but because of all the mist it doesn't look like it in this photo.

And then a last shot of Sara with her viola.  She was part of the District Elementary Honor Orchestra this year.  She had extra lessons and practice seasons after school and then 3 evening concerts.  She really enjoyed doing it.   It was pretty amazing to hear them at the final concert.  They got to be apart of the city wide music week and preform at the final night for the "all schools music night".  It was so cool.  They had jr. high and high school honor orchestras and bands,  an all school choir, an honor jazz band, an elementary choir and then the Elem. honor orchestra.  I am very proud of Sara!

So hopefully, you see I haven't got lost, just caught up in it all.  I will post other pics soon.  Right now I am just enjoying a lull in all the hubbub.  Geesh, doesn't everyone know it is summer time.  This is suppose to be my relaxing, do nothing time.  Really!

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