Sunday, December 2, 2007


On Friday I took my last quilting class. It was so much fun!!!! Thank you Malauna & Tricia for watching my girls. I learned so much!!!!!! Quilting is such a different format of sewing then making clothes. It was so fun to sit there for 3 (yes 3!!!) hours and just learn and sew. I do believe I will be taking another sewing class in the future. (Probably far future because of the baby)
But on to the stuff I learned. I can now make a perfect mittered corner on a quilt. That has always been such a difficult thing for me. I also learned how to bind a quilt. I have always HATED binding a quilt and now that I took this class it all makes sense and it really isn't all that hard. In fact we practiced all this stuff on a practice square and the binding looks sew nice!!!! We also learned how to quilt on our sewing machines. We use this really cool foot called a "walking foot". It makes your quilting come out so smooth and non-bumpy. We also got to do free motion quilting, called "stippling". That was fun. It has always scared me to do that, but it is really fun and cool looking.
So now I learned all this really cool and neat stuff I am very eager to do it. Now I can finish a quilt I am making for Amber for Christmas. It is a crazy quilt with red, yellow, and blue colors. The top has been done for a couple of weeks, I was just waiting for this class so I could bind it. Now I can!!!!! I also want to make a quilt for Sara and Tessa. We will see if I get it done before Christmas or not. I can also finish my wall quilt we made to learn on for this class. It is in browns and blues. I did it to hang in the stair well. We made it in the Ohio Star. It is looking very nice!!!! I am SEW excited for all this stuff I learned!!!!!!!! I will post pictures soon of all the quilts.

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