Tuesday, January 15, 2008

lost posts

So in my mind I have posted several times and they were all good and so insightful, but unfortunately i haven't made it up here to post them. Yes, my computer is upstairs and being at the end of a long pregnancy I don't make it upstairs unless I have to and that is usually to see why my kids are yelling and screaming.
But I finally made it up here just to write. So what is on my mind you ask???? I will tell you. Having this baby!!!!!!!!!! I only have a few days left, as you can see, but it can't happen soon enough for me. I am at that point when I would give anything to have this baby out!!!!! I hurt so much and am so tired. It hurts when I stand, sit, lay down, or go from one to the other. My baby is intent on repositioning my hips and ribs on a regular bases. On top of that I can't sleep for long due to heart burn and my inability to breath while lying down. So I spend most of the night pacing around, reading, laying on the couch until my hips hurt, and eating. That is the other thing, I have to eat, I need to eat, yet food is so unappealing to me right now. I am back to my chocolate milk and cold cereal diet. It is the only two things that I can handle right now. So I go back and forth between the two. I just thought I would share all this with everyone, because I know you all have been there.
The only thing that keeps me hanging on is the knowledge that on Jan. 29th way too early in the morning I will go into the hospital and it will all end. I get to have DRUGS!!!!! Glorious, wonderful, pain-relieving DRUGS!!!!!! It makes it all worth it!!!!! For almost a full 24 hours I will feel nothing!!!!! I can breath and sleep and eat all I want (as long as it is a liquid) and feel no pain!!!! Yes, it will be wonderful!!!! And as a bonus, I won't have to get up to pee because I will have a cathider(?). = > It is my little moment of heaven. Please feel free to come see me if you can. I will be in a most conginual mood. = >
It is my hope that maybe before then I will post some pictures of things I have been doing and our Christmas. It was very nice and most relaxing.


Susie said...

Stacy, with an opinion like that regarding drugs, I am shocked that you and Malauna get along so well! Glad you have something to look forward to, though. :)

Stephanie said...

Yay Drugs!! Worked for me, though I had 2 C-sections, and really had no choice. There was no way I was doing that "Naturally"! I'm so excited for you!

Malauna said...

You don't have to completely agree on everything in order to be friends.

Susie said...

No way. My friends and I must give birth in exactly the same fashion for us to get along for any length of time. And cut our hair the same way, have kids at the same time, and wear purple every Tuesday. :)