Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Hero

I must admit it - I am a tummy sleeper. Which is very hard to do pregnant. But to deal with that I sleep on an inner tube. Yes, it really works and I sleep SSOOOOOOO good!! But then about 2 weeks ago my tube began to lose its air. I would wake up about 30 min. after I layed down with a flat tube. Do have any idea how hard it is to find an inner tube in Jan.???!!!!!!!! You can't!!!! How could this happen???? I only have 2 weeks left an need sleep desperately!!! Well, I begged my husband to fix the leak if he could. He took a look and as luck would have it the hole is right on the seam and unfixable. I was beside myself. What was I to do???? I tried pillows and cushions but it only offered minor relief. Then one day on his way home from work my hubby went to the toy store and found me a tube. Granted it is for sledding, but it works and I can once again Sleep. What a great man!!!
But wait! His talents don't end there. Tonight I was helping the girls with their last minute details for a school project that is due tomorrow and realized we needed something to stand their posters up on, or against, as they couldn't go on the wall. So my wonderful and smart hubby went out into his lab (AKA garage) and came back in a few moments later with a wonderful and perfect tripod for the posters to stand up against. OUR HERO!!! The girls were so very pleased!!! We have a wonderful and smart daddy!!!
Yes, Doug is kind of handy to have around sometimes. =>

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Nisa said...

I just have to see a picture of that. Maybe it will give me ideas when I'm so fat and pregnant that I can't sleep. You really sleep on an inner tube!