Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Sky IS the limit!!

This weekend we got to go to the Mountain Home Air Force Base airshow!!! I have never been to one and so I told Doug we needed to do this in the name of family togetherness. => It was AWESOME!!!!!!
We got to walk through several huge airplanes, get our picture taken with men who are here to serve and protect and see some incredible acrobatic tricks in the sky!!! (Yes, we did wear our ear protection, look closely at Erica's ears) It was incredible!!! These guys were flying so close to the ground and each other. You can see in a couple of my pix the plane going straight up and then stalling out and just falling until the engine started back up. It was so neat!! Unfortuneatly, the batteries in my camera died before the show was over so I only got a few pix of the Thunderbirds flying around. That was SOOO COOL!!!! The noise was a bit loud for Amber and Clara, but it didn't seem to bother Erica a bit. All in all it was so worth it and everything I had ever imagined!!! I can't wait to go to the next show!!

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Becci said...

I love airshows. There was one in Arco believe it or not just oh crap it must have been 6 years ago now but the blue angels were ther and I have had a love for planes ever since. I get a high just from taking company to the airport to catch their plane. I want some day to be the person on the tarmack guiding the planes with the orange batons. We have all gotten such a love for airshows but there wasn't one at hill this year. HOpefully next year. We make a day out of it.
We totally need to get the kids together. I think we may be headed to Emmett for Christmas Maybe so perhaps we can do something then. I am glad you found me too. take care.