Tuesday, October 21, 2008


New Friends are silver,
Old Friends are gold.

I have had a golden month!!! It has been so much fun to see all my old friends!!! First Mrs. Rothwell came. She teaches with my mom and I use to baby-sit for her. And we had many late night talks out in her car when she would drop me back off at home. She never failed to encourage me and was someone I knew I could always talk to. She was here visiting her daughter (who was my "baby") and came to see me for a while. (Kellyn is now a sophmore in college. How time flies!!!)
Then I had an old roommate from Provo stop by with her family. She is married and has two little boys. Emily and I were living together when I met Doug. So she is an old friend of his, too. The girls had fun with her little boys. They were also in town visiting family and stopped by for a few hours on Sat. for a nice visit.
And just last night I had a friend from my Logan days come by with her family for the night. They were here just to see me!!! Marianne is the first friend I made that I hadn't grown up with or knew all my life. We were on the institute councle together and have written to each other off and on since. It was really fun to see them as I have never met her husband or saw her new baby boy. He is so cute and a red-head to boot! It was great to catch up with her and to see how happy she is!!!
It has been such a great month!! Who will be next?? How about you??? We have room and you are always welcome!!!

These are my friend Marianne and her hubby and their little boy Hunter. Isn't he so cute!! And a red-head to boot.

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