Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Okay, so before I get to the purpose of this post can I just ask if it is too soon to panic??? (today was election day)

Now on topic: remember this post and this one? Well, today I sat down and finished both quilts. I am quite pleased with how they turned out. Sara and Tessa's activity days group tied them to give to two girls who lost everything in the fire that came through this area in Sept. It has taken me a while to finish them but I did. Yeah, me!!! I really like the black on the red quilt. =>

On another note, Erica is all over the place. I found her pushing up on all fours in the stink bug position. It is a little sad to see how fast she is growing up. She is also sitting herself up from laying down. I took a couple of pix of her pushing up on her feet. They are a little fuzzy because I am still learning how to work my camera and she is moving too fast.

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Rady Family said...

Stacy, Wow I just got through reading some of your posts, you are an amazing sewer!! That is definately something I am not good at!! You have a great talent! Your girls are soo cute and what fun it looks like having all those girls! I can not even imagine! So glad you got in touch! I will keep looking at your blog for new fun posts! Keep in touch!