Thursday, December 18, 2008

Old pix and holidays

Here are the Halloween pix I said I would put up, just a little late, but oh well. I was a princess (as was Clara, of course) and Erica was a cute little pea (get it???) We dressed up on two nights. the first one Amber was a duck, (I was quite pleased with myself with how her feet and beak turned out!) then the next night she was a devil. And of course, Doug was Joe the plumber. = > We also went out with friends for dinner on Halloween night. (It is becoming a tradition, I like it!)

Notice the cute little cookie monster that doesn't want his pix taken.

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Becci said...

I love the costumes! Every year I say this is the year I am going to make drake dress up and have a party or something but it is always so stressful just getting the kids to behave long enough to take the trick or treating that we never get it done. Love the Joe the Plumber thing. That is awesome!