Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter FUN!

Here is the view from my upstairs window last week when we woke up to snow. Amber and Clara got to go out in brand new snow and make their tracks!!! Here is Clara wondering the back yard.

Here is Amber and Clara making a fine snowman in the side yard, all by themselves!!
They were very intent and hard at work. I took the pix through another window. It was too cold to go outside!!

Here is the finished product. Great job!!! Unfortunately it didn't last too long and became several lumps in the yard when it got warmer. But now that we have lots of snow they are lumps covered in snow.

But boy did they have fun while it lasted!!!!

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Rady Family said...

Stacy, cute pictures of the girls! I love the first snow it is always exciting of course if it would stay. We have had snow three times but it has melted shortly after. FUN!