Monday, March 30, 2009

Random thoughts

*Be careful when looking for information or you will end up at the mall yelling into your cell phone to your father-in-law, "No, F-U...."
(I was trying to spell fuego to him and he kept asking "S-U...?". The store attendant thought it was pretty funny, too)

*Did you know Frecken street is between First street and Third street?
(yet another cell phone conversation((but not with my f-i-l)))

*The saddest and funniest thing in the world is a baby trying to poop when their poop is a bit hard. (they half walk, half squat, and scream and cry and turn red in the face and hold their breath and then come to you for comfort and help) (you know what I mean if you are a m0m)

*Nothing says spring like laundry hanging on the line to dry,( and it drys and not freezes.)

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