Friday, August 14, 2009

Shirred dress , aug. sewing

Sara and Tessa have grown out of all of their church dresses and skirts, except for their Christmas dresses, which are a little warm for right now, so I told them I would make them some new dresses. Being me I sewed everything else all week except for the much needed church dresses. SOOOOO, Saturday night found me in my sewing room making this cute little number. It started out to be pleated like the tops I made the girls earlier, but this material is very light weight and slicky (is that a word??) so I bagged that and shirred it. (I love doing that!!!) It took me a while to do it the first time, but now that I have (thanks to several tutorials on line) ( I love having a computer in my sewing room, who knew) I love doing it!!! This dress took 1 hour from start to finish. easy-peasy! And it is nice and light weight for the summer heat and is so cute on the girls! And they love it!!! It's kind of hard to see the gather with is print. I'll have to go back sometime and take a pix of it on one of the girls. Very flattering!!!

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