Thursday, June 7, 2012

Joy-Nicole Bag

 A while back I found this free pattern for a bag at Fishsticksdisigns.  It is the Joy-Nicole bag.  I thought it was supper cute so I downloaded it and have since made lots of them!  This is my most recent.  It is a great one for birthday presents, especially for my older daughters' friends.  They need something to carry all their "stuff" in, but are getting more mature so a more mature bag is called for and this is perfect!
It makes up pretty quick and the instructions are very easy to follow.  I use some Ikea fabric I picked
 up a year or so ago.  This is great fabric!  Perfect for play clothes and bags because it is a little heavier but not stiff.  So it wears great.  I love the bright colors and fun animals.
I used the animal print for the front flap and back.  And used the stripes for the front because it would be covered up by the flap.    I used it for the handle and the inside also.  

The inside picture is a bit blurry.  I had Tessa snap a few shots of it before it got wrapped and gifted.  She was very jealous and wanted it for herself, but then, she wants everything I make for herself.  'Sigh' fans. 

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