Wednesday, May 23, 2007


So I gave into all the pressure and hype and got myself a blog. Now when it all comes up in conversation I can join in with all the others and say "well, I wrote in my blog. . . " Fun, huh. I never was very strong when it came to peer pressure. We will just have to see now if this will be a keeper or just a momentary "new and exciting", but soon forgotten. I am so glad this has spell check!!! If you only knew how bad this really looked. = >
Here's wishing you all could be Sew Happy like me!!


Malauna said...

I'm glad I could be part of the catalyst that put you over the edge for a blog.

marti said...

I'm sso happy that I get an invite to see wwhat your up to. I miss talking to you. Hope all is well.