Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Too Much Information

So what I want to know is when is info, too much info???? I mean I write it here and it is out there for anyone to find and they could do anything with it. Hunt me down and stare at my house or send me unsolicited mail or even take my whole identity. (Although, good luck with that, because I still don't know where it all went to.) So how do you know what to write and what not to write. It is a dilemma. Especially considering I have a hard time editing my stories, you know, the whole "change their names to protect the Innocent, or guilty" as the case may be. So, how do you know????


A.Dever said...

'It's me again Margaret................'

Just kidding. I'm still trying to decide how much is to much and if I can be comfortable with it.........so until then, I'll just sit back and enjoy yours.

Thanks for the Visit - A.Dever

Malauna said...

I just don't have mine listed in the directory, so only people who know my blog address can view it.