Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Birthdays, galore!!!!

So we celebrated ALL the girls' Birthdays. It was a fun and cakey week!!!
We started with Clara turning 3 and she wanted a pink cake. So Doug made her a pink cake. He has become the Birthday cake maker in the family. And the girls are all very excited about that.

Then we had Amber's Birthday. #5, although someitmes she says she is turning 7. (Yes, her actual Birthday is in Sept. but all she understands about that is that everyone else gets cake and presents and she doesn't.) It has worked out well to get them all over. Her pictures were all blurry, because she never holds still.

Then we has Sara and Tessa's. They turned 8!!! Yes, they are so excited to be 8 and in a couple of weeks they will get baptised. I'm not sure who was more excited about this gift they got, them or Doug. (It's a pellet gun)

Here is Doug (the cake maker) with Sara & Tessa's patriotic cake. He did a wonderful job and everyone oooooed and ahhhhhhed all over it.

It is nice to have all the cake gone!!!

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Spencer said...

Doug is quite the baker! He should have a cooking show: "Baking and Shooting With Doug".