Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Little Girls Dressed in White

Here they are, my little girls dressed in white. We had such a great experience this weekend and got to baptise Sara and Tessa at our family reuion. It will always be such a great memory to them in the years to come that they got to be baptised with all their cousins. They were so excited and cute!!
(Tessa is on the left and Sara is on the right in both pix)

Here are there dresses that I made them for their baptism. They picked out the material and the patterns and I sewed them together.


Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday and Congratulations to Sara and Tessa. That is really cool that their baptism was with so much family surrounding them. Cute dresses too.

Malauna said...

The dresses turned out very cute! Its a good thing you got over your "sewer's" block in time.

Stephanie said...

Hi Stacy,

I looked up your blog from Lindsay's. Hope you don't mind. It's cute. I love the dresses. You are such a talented woman!! I'll be in touch for Sam's prom!