Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Truth is Out

So yes, it is true, as you can tell from the wigget to the right, I am expecting!!!!! We finally told the girls and they told everyone. => They are all very excited and keep hoping for a boy. What are they thinking???? Well, except Clara who pipes in "and a little sister" every time Amber talks about how she would like a baby brother. I don't think Clara really realizes what they are talking about, she just likes to put in her two cents worth. They even have names all picked out. Amber likes Courtney, for a boy.
My due date is Feb. 5th. What a long time away. I am feeling a little better. I just have this aver gen to all food. Which does make it a little hard because I am starving all the time. Doug is even getting back into practice by holding all the babys at church. It is quite cute.


Stephanie said...

Wow! That's big news! Congratulations!!! I sure hope you feel better--sounds like it hasn't been great so far. You'll have some good helpers in Sarah and Tessa!

A.Dever said...


Keep me posted on how you're doin!!!!